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We specialise in providing the concise service that you need through our specialist charity photography.


Did you know that there are over 168,000 charities in the UK?

That’s a lot of worthy causes vying for the awareness they deserve and need; very often just to keep them ticking over, let alone reach out to the copious people on ever bulging waiting lists.

Specialist equipment, costly and scarce required for example at Whoopsadaisy. The Brighton based Children’s charity delivering conductive education free for children with cerebral palsy and other neurological problems. Charities which provide restpite for families with disabled children; holiday clubs, weekend breaks; constantly requiring steady flows of money to sustain their invaluable services.

As a committee member, friend or a volunteer to a charitable cause you hold close to your heart, then naturally this will resonate with you. You’re aware, only too well of the ongoing challenges you meet on a daily basis. And with so many charities needing the financial support of the community and public how you make your good cause stand out from the crowd will have a direct affect on the funding you attract and your beneficiaries deserve.

We specialise in providing the concise service that you need through our specialist charity photography. And we don’t just provide the post event photography, on CD or photographs either!

We take the professional photography precisely where you need it to go next; the mass market, the media, regionally, nationally or internationally! In doing so, your charity will benefit from greater exposure. Naturally creating higher awareness levels, than merely publishing your event on your website or archiving the images post your event. Our focus is all about promoting your worthy cause to the biggest market possible, driving donators to your website enabling your charity to gain maximum donations after the actual event has taken place.

Organising an event is financially and time consuming. And whilst you may have been happy with the funds raised on the night, wouldn’t it be great to attract more awareness and donations. More good people wishing to donate auction prizes in future events; more people to sell tickets to.  Prior to booking us for your event, we will have a discussion with you over the telephone. We will find out which newspapers you want to be made aware of your event in your location and we can even write the press release for you if required.

Working with the media, we know the sort of pictures which resonate with them and our efficient and reliable service is designed to allow you to relax a little after months of hard planning.

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Copyright © 2010