About Me

Hi I’m Mobi and I would like to think that I have made a modest dent in helping to make people feel truly great. To capture and celebrate the wonderfully individual and unique assets the human race has which separate us from other mammals.

The gift of laughter, the gift of talking; the hidden personal gifts we all have; yet in many of us still to be discovered. I capture human achievements of all kinds, making indelible memories which can be cherished and enjoyed now and in the future.

The simple gift of expressing our feelings, momentarily or etched with a higher degree of permanence, according to the story of our lives. Our eyes being the window to our soul; some of my images depict great achievement and determination through adversity; others show effervescence pride and joy.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the World, to photograph many people from many countries, many walks of live, the rich, and the poor. Those with nothing materially, yet millionaires spiritually; people through tragic circumstances, often seem oddly content, their resilience, awesome, and who continually inspire me from behind my lens.

Additionally, formerly the chair person for CITI European Work Council; and an active member / chair of "CITI ROOTS Diversity programme"; I continue mentoring students for Career Academies UK and awarded an Honorary Alumni recognising my distinguished services to the Career Academy movement. I’m also an active participant with African Caribbean Diversity Organisation, known as AC Diversity Organisation since 1996.

I’m so proud that all students I have looked after, without exception has won places at various Universities and enjoyed paid internship within the financial sector.

My passion for helping to keep other heroes in the media, and for his outstanding achievements, have led me to photograph the living legend Eddie Kidd, giving him the recognition he deserves; where would the film industry be without Eddie? Stuntman to so many well-known A listers such as Pierce Brosnan and Michael Caine. Visit his website  www.eddiekidd.com

Specialising in people photography, events and corporate, my favoured sector is of course my beloved charity work.

The human race is incredible in every sense; we’re here just once; no matter what impairments some of us may have through birth or misfortune. I create indelible moments and fond memories.

I commit to adhering to your brief at each minute detail. Rely on my well-known punctuality, I’ll show you same day proofs, I’m happy to work around your time schedules, but above all I will “shine my lens” on your worthy cause and deliver to you, pictures which make your audience feel your purpose and keep your much needed funding healthy and buoyant.

Contact me with your specific requirements, we’ll have a non obligatory chat about your requirements and I’m simply a call away when you need me.

Have a wonderful day
Warm regards



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