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What I’ve been doing this year.

It’s been an exciting and truly rewarding year for me as an event location photographer. I have met some wonderful people during my assignments, perhaps the most inspirational being our living legend Eddie Kidd when I covered his incredible journey competing in the London Marathon earlier this year. Eddie raised almost £100,000 for his beloved charity, Children with Leukaemia.

As former chairperson for CITI European Work Council and chair of "CITI ROOTS Diversity programme"; I continue mentoring students for Career Academies UK and I was awarded an Honorary Alumni recognising my distinguished services to the Career Academy movement. I’m also an active participant with African Caribbean Diversity Organisation, known as AC Diversity Organisation since 1996.

It’s therefore very much due to my passion for supporting good causes, that much of my work is third sector orientated because charities and trusts have the vital task of both continually promoting their “brand” whilst needing to convey the giving message in order to sustain their good work and help to support their beneficiaries.

I have been working for a number of good causes this year, covering many different events and I’m very much looking forward to 2012 when I have a number of other charities booked to shoot for their websites and other wide range of fundraising events.

Your picture plans for the year ahead and professional photography forms part of your essential marketing strategy.

You know that a picture tells a thousand words, that perfect planning prevents...

So it’s important to consider how you are going to differentiate your brand from your competitors in the year ahead; commissioned professional photography will add sheen to your brand, whilst giving you the slick image you will need to stand out in an ever competitive market.

Your website is in the international domain now; your shop window. Businesses are trading further afield than in previous decades and it is a false economy to think that stock images will suffice, they simply will not. They may serve a purpose but if you are serious about thriving in the year ahead then commissioned photography, ought to be on your marketing agenda for the year ahead. When you commission your photography you are buying a tailored product that represents better value for your business than stock photography.

Does your marketing literature show your business off to its optimum; do you have photographs of yourself on your website, your products or enticing pictures of a forthcoming conference or event?

Since change always equals opportunity, what tweaks can you apply to enhance your brand which will raise your business head and shoulders above your competition?  provides you with flexibility through working entirely on location. Benefit from my inclusive powerful public relations service whereby my colleague, Emma Andrews can help get your story in the press. Emma will liaise with Editors and forward planners and follow your choice media target.

Your exclusive offer

(To take advantage of our limited below special offer, bookings must be made by 24/02/12)

Please quote reference 0212PH to qualify and you get:

  • Free PR & media placement for up to three publications of your choice
  • The pre-event telephone interview with Emma, her advice, suggestions and ideas
  • Free copy writing by Emma about your event – emailed over for your amendment, approval prior to your event
  • Free PDF of any published features in the press – great for you to upload onto your website or use in email marketing to your supporters
  • Collection of your required brief by me, called a “recce” either over the telephone or face to face
  • Free preview CD of all your wonderful event pictures
  • You top twenty favourite images from the event supplied high resolution on CD, free, and ideal for any new literature you may be planning.
  • Up to five free colour photographs size 10 x 8 – look great on your walls or to give away to beneficiaries of your charity

LIST PRICE £850 + VAT – DISCOUNTED TO £650 + VAT if booked by 24/02/12

Please note that spaces are limited and qualifiers must pay 50% deposit

How to book?

Simply call or email us by 24/02/12 quoting reference 0212PH

Emma: 01273 579485 /Mobi: (0)77 7496 3798 

Or via our website at


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