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Planning your corporate photography on your website – useful tips


Firstly I would like to wish you all a very happy and “well planned for prosperity, 2012”.

If you are reading this, then chances are that you run your own business or you may be in charge of marketing at your organisation? January presents the perfect time, the phones are still quite, to structure your on and offline marketing plan and as it says “on the packet” – “plan” is key.   Plan to generate new sales leads to close, whilst looking after your existing client base through using different marketing forms of which photography is one.

Ten reasons why you ought to have professional photographs of your team on your website:

1: People buy from people- pictures of you / your team will help to engage a prospective buyer.

2: New content on your website helps improve your SEO

3: A gentle and pleasant way to introduce new members of staff – and you could run captions under each person’s picture though tread carefully if you wish to use humour!

4: A new reason to contact your database of current and prospective clients

5: A new unique selling point for your sector – still only around 45% of websites have photographs of their staff on them those companies who do not have pictures of their staff are looking out of date

6: A comparatively cheap alternative to entirely re-vamping your website    

7: A great team building, morale boosting exercise – get some nibbles in, make your staff feel valued.

8: Commissioning a photographer is far cheaper than buying over-used, often irrelevant stock images.

9:  As with all things, the more you do something the more you will improve at it. With that in mind, “us” photographers are use to taking natural shots as opposed to stiff highly posed and awkward ones. Often snapped by a colleague doing a favour, do be mindful of the message such images can convey.

10: ... And lastly if you choose to hire me then you also benefit from my “inside knowledge” of corporate photography as I served at Citibank for a considerable time.

Call me to chat about your website photography and hope you have found the above useful.

Have a great day -  Mobi  077 7496 3798

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