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Why Choose Me

Your time is tight and it’s likely that so are your budgets and other resources. In my experience many charitable organisations achieve admirable feats with a limited number of employees and volunteers. I will help you attract even more funding.

How I deliver this added value for you, approaching Editors with poignant copy and convincing them to carry your story is in association of my good friend Emma Andrews of The Business Promoter.

Emma has over twenty five year’s hands on expertise at copywriting, PR and publicity. Passionate about her charitable work, we have designed a unique professional photographic package which includes photographing your event and free copywriting and free PR. Together, we focus on maximising your return on your investment when you commission me to photograph your charitable event or project; you receive the added bonus of invaluable free PR and media placement. Get your organisation the press attention you deserve.

Managing the brief from your organisation in an entirely unique way compared to other professional photographers. Our aim is to attract media attention for your worthy cause. From your initial non obligatory enquiry, I’m confident that you will feel relaxed with the knowledge that we will efficiently understand your needs. They are likely to be capturing memorable and poignant images “on the night” and to both make and save money for your charity.

Organising any event is time and financially consuming, let alone exhausting. And I believe that your hard work and that of your colleagues, volunteers and other committee members warrants a payback being to achieve the highest possible donations for your charity, “on the night” and indeed post the event. So utilising many years experience in managing people and the press, we provide what we know is the full media service which will support you through gaining the press attention your charity deserves and needs to grow your much needed funds.

Once we’ve had our initial chat and you place your booking, we like to keep communications with you, clear and uncomplicated. We want you to enjoy your event, with the peace of mind that you have your professional photography covered and some valuable PR in place. During our discussions about your photographic requirements, I will establish which newspapers, magazines and other media you would like to be made aware of your event and then Emma will contact you to advise you on your media wish list and book in with you a convenient time to interview over the telephone. Following the interview Emma will write your story ready for the press which always meets your approval or amendment prior to her contacting the chosen Editors, Radio or television planners.

You will also receive copies of all emails Emma sends out keeping you in the loop hole. On the same day of your event I will select some initial relevant photographs and send them to your choice list. Emma will then follow these up the next day and entice them to feature your event. Ensuring that the Editors receive timely and topical photographs and copy, when relevant as all event formats tend to vary, Emma will advise you in good time whether the press ought to be contacted prior to the event and she will do the leg work for you.

For instance you may be holding an event which coincides with a national awareness week and it could therefore be pertinent for Emma to have discussions pre the event about what you are doing, so it could be that she can arrange an interview for you in the run up to your worthy cause. Although placing your articles cannot be guaranteed by any PR company, Emma has a 95% placement record with mixed media, regional and national. It’s refreshing for you to know that at last there is collaboration between professional photographer and PR agent which has no hidden charges. Should you only have three publication choices on your media wish list then the PR fees are included in the photography and the photography has no hidden fees and lots of extra photography services also free of charge.

We don’t believe in keeping our clients waiting, so whilst Emma works with the media, I work on your preview slide show, which I send you within 24 hours of your event, so you can order a CD or specific photographs. Timing is of the essence working with the media and with the best intentions, while the media may allocate their own photographer to cover your event; it’s something which they cannot guarantee. The reason for this is that news stories can “break” at any time and organisers of events are often left disappointed as the press is obligated, and rightly so, to cover something else deemed to be more pressing.

Devoted to cover your event, I can guarantee to photograph your event and take your story direct to the press with my unique partnership with Emma; why you may consider calling me for an initial conversation about your requirements.

At last Professional photography and PR without any hidden fees!

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